Mila’s approach to life is to never take it too seriously, but that doesn’t mean she’s not serious about her work at Whyte Just and Moore. Employed at the firm as a Personal Assistant, primarily supporting the Dispute Resolution and Commercial Law teams, Mila’s enthusiasm for learning new aspects of WJM procedures have resulted in her constant professional growth. Never one to say no, Mila enjoys the variety that comes with the everyday enterprise of a busy law firm, and loves being an integral part of the team.

Mila starts her day with an informative podcast, and doesn’t mind ending her day with one either (or an audiobook, if she needs something a little lighter!). In between, when she’s not at work, she divides her time between the country and coast and heading to the city – relishing both the charms of nature and the appeal of up-to-the-minute artistic and cultural events. If she ever gets the chance she’d like to see all of Australia in this way, preferably in an old caravan she’ll have renovated herself.