Marketing and Office Manager

Sally, transitioning from her role as a Conveyancing Clerk, now flourishes as the Marketing and Office Manager at WJM. A graduate of Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Communication Design, she specialised in advertising, brand identity, and visual communication, showcasing her exceptional attention to detail. Her dedication to effective communication and relationship building is central to her approach.

In her multifaceted role as Marketing and Office Manager, Sally oversees a range of pivotal tasks vital for our office’s smooth operation and successful service promotion:

  • Marketing and Social Media Management: Identifying strategic opportunities, enhancing our online presence across various platforms, and engaging with our audience.
  • Operations and Administration: Streamlining office procedures, optimising daily operations, and directing administrative tasks to ensure a smooth workflow.
  • Information Technology: Leading software updates, overseeing IT solutions, and providing technical support to our team.
  • Business & Professional Development: Driving growth initiatives, crafting innovative marketing strategies, and nurturing professional development for our team.

Outside the office, Sally loves yoga and enjoys walks with her curly-haired dogs, Bentley and Barney. She also delights in interior decorating and DIY projects around her home, which serve as a creative outlet and a way to relax during the weekends.