Geelong family lawyers explain child support agreements

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Separated or contemplating a divorce? You may be wondering what your rights and responsibilities for child support are. According to Australian law, all parents must make a financial contribution to support their children. So whether you were married, de facto, or never lived together, each parent is obligated to make sure their children are financially [...]

How a divorce lawyer helps you separate successfully

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The end of a relationship can be a traumatic experience. Emotions are high and you have to navigate how to unravel years of co-living including dividing assets; child custody arrangements and even rearranging living arrangements. Each separation and divorce is unique so it is important you receive legal advice from an experienced divorce lawyer for [...]

Terms of Trade agreement: Why every business should have one

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Commonly, businesses supply products or services without formal agreements. Typically, experienced business lawyers see disputes occur when the terms of the transaction are not clearly outlined in writing. Avoid misinterpretations and disputes by providing customised, written Terms of Trade at the beginning of your transaction. Terms of Trade explained Terms of Trade outline the scope [...]

Things you need to know before you sign a commercial lease

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You may find yourself considering leasing a commercial property for your business. Without a doubt, a commercial lease is a significant commitment for a business owner. The long-term nature and financial obligations of commercial leases are two reasons they should be thoroughly understood before you sign.  Commercial lease reviews Often commercial leases can be straightforward. [...]

Update your Will before it’s too late!

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A Will and Testament outlines your wishes for your estate (your assets and property) after you pass on. Even though we all eventually will pass on, we often find people put off updating their Will (or worse don’t draft a Will at all) because they think drafting a Will should be done once. However, life [...]

4 reasons your Geelong business needs a business lawyer

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As a business owner, you need the right advice and the right people behind you to ensure the success of your business. One professional, small business owners tend to overlook engaging with is a business lawyer.  Business lawyers have the legal expertise and knowledge to protect you and your business. There are many legal issues [...]

Selling your business? You need a commercial lawyer!

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You’ve put a lot of effort into creating and growing your business. So when you go to step down or sell it outright you deserve to be rewarded for your hard work. The key to maximising your potential profit from selling your business? A commercial lawyer.   Selling a business in Geelong Undoubtedly, selling a business [...]

How property lawyers help first time home buyers

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Getting advice from a property lawyer can make a difference when purchasing your first home.  First-time homebuyers  Buying a home can be intimidating. You need to determine what you can borrow, factor in added upfront costs, and check if you are eligible for grants or concessions. All this before you even begin your search! Then [...]

Legal Advice for Contesting a Will

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Contesting a Will while grieving the loss of a loved one can be difficult as it may put you at odds with other family members. However, if you have been left out of a Will or feel you haven’t been adequately provided for, you need to contest the Will quickly as Victoria has strict timelines [...]

Avoiding business insolvency or liquidation: Is it possible?

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Insolvency occurs when you are unable to pay your business debts when they are due.  As insolvency lawyers in Geelong, we notice that there tend to be warning signs that your business may be insolvent. Whilst, insolvency isn’t always avoidable, there are a few things you can do to try to turn your business around [...]

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