Deeds Clerk

The first in his family to complete a university degree, Aaron credits his educational and vocational success to his dedication and conscientious attention to detail. Working as a Deeds Clerk is all in the details, of course, and Aaron has been making it look easy at Whyte Just and Moore since mid-2018. Indeed, if he wasn’t employed at WJM, he’d almost certainly be holed up in a museum or library somewhere, working as an archivist and still keeping things in perfect order.

While at the office, Aaron can be found preparing Deed packets, managing the Deeds register and undertaking Verifications of Identity, at home, his funny bone is tickled by British comedy (particularly Greg Davies’ Taskmaster) and his meticulous nature means building models is a favoured hobby. Aaron’s WJM colleagues value him for his quiet humour, warmth and wholehearted devotion to getting the job done.