Deeds & Administrative Assistant

With a history at Whyte Just Moore that stretches back to 1988, Liz has been a reliable and reassuring presence in the office for more than 30 years. Always willing to put in the ‘extra’ that takes ordinary to extraordinary, Liz’s role as Personal Assistant and her longevity with the firm see her dealing with all facets of the organisation. When it comes to her work with WJM clients, compassion, warmth and understanding always come first, and Liz takes a special pride in helping people obtain a positive resolution to their concerns.

If she had to give it all up tomorrow – not that she wants to, mind you! – Liz would be quite happy spending time in the garden (she’s a verdant green thumb), using her homegrown produce to create healthy and delicious meals, and enjoying precious time with family and friends. Liz is also an enthusiastic traveller – seeking beneath the surface of the places she visits to discover the history and culture of a destination – and would quite like to do a spot more voyaging when the opportunity again presents itself.