Accounts Manager

Leanne has worked as Whyte Just and Moore’s trusted Accounts Manager for more than a decade, with all things accounting, bookkeeping and compliance firmly under her purview. With an incredibly strong work ethic and a skillset that has ‘problem solver’ firmly at the top, Leanne knows the business of WJM inside and out, consistently helping the legal team and their clients reach and exceed business and legal goals. Although professedly ‘not a morning person’ (a strong coffee or two is a prerequisite for functioning!), and despite her incredibly busy schedule, Leanne never shies away from an opportunity to help out a team member or assist a client. 

In her spare time – after she’s caffeinated, of course! – Leanne is always keen to spend quality time with family and friends. She enjoys going to the cinema (or the occasional TV series full-season binge) and is looking forward to holidaying overseas again, with Bora Bora (for diving) and Greenland (for the Northern Lights) both firmly in her sights.