If there is anyone who epitomises the maxim, ‘Never borrow tomorrow’s worry,’ it is Jasper. Quiet, relaxed and calmly professional, Jasper is client-focussed and details driven, always ensuring documentation is double-checked and correct before submission. He relishes the collaborative nature of the WJM office and has enjoyed rapid professional growth as he has soaked up the knowledge of his co-workers and quickly learned new processes and procedures. 

 Working in the area of Wills and Estates, Jasper is dedicated to assisting the legal team with wills, estate administration, powers of attorney, or disputed estate matters, working towards optimal outcomes in a diligent and efficient manner. 

 Dedication is also a keyword for Jasper beyond the office, as he heads out running several times each week, including meeting up with family and friends for Parkrun every Saturday. He is also a dedicated consumer of coffee from Grounds of Society and has dedicated a bucket-list item to collecting a stamp from every shrine in Japan – no small task!