Personal Assistant

Kayla lives by the motto ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’, and we now know why. When she is around, our lawyers don’t sweat the small stuff! Kayla’s ability to prepare legal documents and briefs effortlessly, not to mention her smooth ability to liaise with the clients and lawyers alike, keeping them up to date, is unparalleled. 

If we hadn’t snagged Kayla to work for Whyte, Just & Moore, we suspect we would have found her working as a zoologist or trekking through the rainforest in search of that elusive platypus. A lover of animals, Kayla’s compassion extends to our clients, making her a warm and welcoming point of contact for our clients. 

Quiet yet bubbly, Kayla often lends a sympathetic ear when clients arrive for consultations. Being able to assist people in difficult situations warms her heart, and she feels that the work she does at Whyte, Just & Moore makes a difference for her local Geelongians.