Personal insolvency agreements – the right debt solution for you?

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Are you overwhelmed with your credit card debt, unpaid bills or loan repayments? Not sure which debt solution is right for you? Temporary debt protection, debt agreement, personal insolvency agreements, and bankruptcy - there are many solutions available. Understand the options available to you to gain control of your financial situation. Personal insolvency options Under [...]

Difference between insolvency and liquidation

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Both insolvency and liquidation are legal processes that businesses can use to address financial difficulties. While the terms insolvency and liquidation are often used interchangeably, they have different meanings.  Insolvency explained Insolvency describes a situation where a company cannot pay its liabilities when they come due. In other words, the company doesn't have enough cash [...]

Tips to avoid contract disputes

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Contract disputes can be costly and time-consuming for businesses. By ensuring your business contracts are in good order, you can help minimise the chances of a contract dispute arising. Tips to avoid contract disputes  There are key things to consider when drafting contracts to avoid common contract disputes and keep your business running smoothly.    Written [...]

What a Geelong property lawyer & conveyancer can do for you

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Whether a first-time home buyer or potential property investor, you may not be completely clear on what a Geelong property lawyer or conveyancer can do for you as a buyer or seller.  What is conveyancing? The definition of conveyancing is the preparation of documents to move legal ownership of property or land from one owner [...]

Advantages of using mediation services in Geelong

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What is mediation?  Mediation is a fair and respectful process to resolve a dispute. During mediation, parties are encouraged to explore options to resolve their disagreement with the help of an independent third party.  Often alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation can be used to settle disputes without going to Court.  What happens during [...]

7 things to consider when writing a Will

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Many people wonder why they should write a Will. Obviously, the number one reason to draft a one is to ensure their asset distribution interests are known. And even though people can contest wills, it’s important to note that the Courts carefully consider original Wills and why the testator made the decisions. Therefore drafting a [...]

Section 32 and Vendor’s Statements explained

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After spending countless hours going to open houses you finally found the perfect home! Now time to put in an offer and review the Section 32 to make sure you can make those renos or build that shed. Reviewing each Section 32 with your property lawyer in Geelong ensures you get insight into the state [...]

Enduring Powers of Attorney/Medical Treatment Decision Maker

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A Will is a perfect way to outline your wishes after you die. However, an injury or illness may render you unable to make decisions while you are still alive. Thus, you may require someone to make decisions on your behalf. An Enduring Power of Attorney and an appointment of a Medical Treatment Decision Maker [...]

Terms of Trade agreement: Why every business should have one

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Commonly, businesses supply products or services without formal agreements. Typically, experienced business lawyers see disputes occur when the terms of the transaction are not clearly outlined in writing. Avoid misinterpretations and disputes by providing customised, written Terms of Trade at the beginning of your transaction. Terms of Trade explained Terms of Trade outline the scope [...]

Update your Will before it’s too late!

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A Will and Testament outlines your wishes for your estate (your assets and property) after you pass on. Even though we all eventually will pass on, we often find people put off updating their Will (or worse don’t draft a Will at all) because they think drafting a Will should be done once. However, life [...]

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