What is mediation? 

Mediation is a fair and respectful process to resolve a dispute. During mediation, parties are encouraged to explore options to resolve their disagreement with the help of an independent third party. 

Often alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation can be used to settle disputes without going to Court. 

What happens during mediation

The mediation process:

  • Identifies the issues.
  • Allows each party time to speak and be heard
  • An independent, third-party mediator works with the parties to develop options.
  • Both parties consider the alternatives and options to resolve the dispute to reach a satisfactory outcome.
  • The agreement details are noted in writing.

Advantages of using mediation services

Engaging in mediation has several advantages:

  • Accessible – each side has an option to summarise the issues they perceive that contributed to the dispute.
  • Considerate – both parties are heard and allowed to speak their side. 
  • Cost – saves participants time and money from going to a Court or a Tribunal.
  • Flexible – parties can meet at times convenient to them, either together or separately, depending on their needs.
  • Confidential – nothing said during mediation can be used in Court.
  • Options –  mediation offers the parties options to settle their disagreement.

Does a mediator dictate the outcome of your dispute?

Mediators cannot dictate the outcome of your dispute, nor can they make decisions on your behalf. A Geelong mediator is a neutral third party that encourages the parties to communicate and negotiate to achieve a satisfactory outcome. 

How long does mediation take?

As a lawyer involved in mediations in Geelong, we often get asked ‘ how long does the mediation process take?’ There is no set timeframe. Instead, the mediation process is tailored to the parties and their dispute. Depending on the issue’s complexity, it can take a few hours or a few days. 

Mediation services for Geelong, Bellarine & Surf Coast region

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options such as mediation is a great way to take action and resolve disputes. Mediation may be the right ADR method for you, depending on the outcome you seek and whether you want to maintain a relationship with the other party. 

Contact our dispute resolution & litigation team in Geelong to discuss your case. We provide mediation services for Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast region reaching into Melbourne as needed.