Whether a first-time home buyer or potential property investor, you may not be completely clear on what a Geelong property lawyer or conveyancer can do for you as a buyer or seller. 

What is conveyancing?

The definition of conveyancing is the preparation of documents to move legal ownership of property or land from one owner to another. It sounds straightforward; however, a significant amount of work is involved in a property transaction. 

DIY conveyancing 

You do not have to use a conveyancer or property lawyer in Geelong to sell or purchase a property. However, you may save time and money if you do. It can take weeks to locate, review and lodge each legal document attached to your property transaction. Moreover, there can also be some financial and legal risks you expose yourself to if you DIY conveyancing. Therefore to ensure your documents contains all the necessary information required by law and your legal rights are covered, we recommend you speak to one of our experienced property lawyers in Geelong at WJM. 

What can conveyancers and property lawyers do for you?

Undoubtedly every property transaction has a buyer and seller. 

For a buyer, a property lawyer will:

  • Research the property – checking for easements, types of title, heritage restrictions, etc. 
  • Review and lodge legal documentation such as a contract of sale, Section 32 or vendor statement, etc.
  • Calculate the rates and tax adjustments, stamp duty and other financial obligations you need to meet for the property transaction.
  • Liaise with your bank or financial institution for final payments. 
  • Monitor and inform you about critical dates.

And most importantly, a Geelong property lawyer represents YOUR interests as the buyer. 

For a seller, a property lawyer in Geelong will:

  • Draft, compile and lodge legal documentation on your behalf.
  • Attend the property settlement.
  • Act on your behalf to liaise with your financial institution to ensure you receive final payments.
  • Represent you as the seller in dealings with the buyer – e.g. date extensions, questions about the property. 

Geelong property lawyers and conveyancers

To complete the conveyancing process correctly and legally, you need the right people by your side. Engaging WJM’s Geelong property lawyers and conveyancing team will guide you through the property transaction process. So whether you a buying, selling or transferring a property – engage the experienced WJM property lawyers in Geelong for a smooth transaction.