Buying and selling property is more than just signing on the dotted line. Title documentation, zoning certificates, property appraisals, and more are all part of the purchasing process. Although you can handle your real estate paperwork yourself, it can be risky unless you understand legal jargon. Involving a property lawyer for your transaction can have a number of benefits. See how…


1/ Protect your interests

Your property lawyer is the only person involved in the transaction who protects YOUR legal interest in a property purchase. 


2/ Property research and negotiations

Surprisingly, some advertised property details aren’t accurate. It’s always a good idea to enlist an experienced property lawyer in Geelong to review the property you are looking to purchase.

Additionally, if there are elements of the contract of sale you want to change or disagree with, a property lawyer can negotiate changes on your behalf. 


3/ A property lawyer can save you time

Rarely do people realise how time-consuming a property transaction is. A property lawyer will review all your real estate paperwork. Plus, they will share a summary of anything of concern or to note with the property transaction. Reviewing a summary is a lot quicker than wading through pages of property documentation (because who has the time spare for that).


4/ Legal expertise for property purchases

From leases to owners corporations to easements and encumbrances, purchasing a property is not always straightforward. Thankfully, property lawyers keep up-to-date on all the legal complexities of buying a property. Engaging a qualified property lawyer in Geelong ensures you know the rights and obligations of your property transaction. 


5/ Comprehensive legal advice

A lawyer can give you comprehensive legal advice. And since your property purchase can impact many areas of your life – estate planning, family matters, and taxation, it can be extremely important to have someone guide you through the purchase. 

As a full-service firm, the WJM property lawyers work alongside our other lawyers attaining information and guidance about matters which may impact your property transaction. 

Without a doubt, the full range of legal services offered by the Whyte, Just & Moore lawyers is one reason our services can be great value for your money. 


Looking for a property lawyer in Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula?

So, if you are ready to purchase a property, contact the WJM property lawyers on 03 5222 2077. Our dedicated property law team will guide you through the property purchasing process, protecting your interests.