Whether in business or your personal life, chances are you have disagreed with someone at some point in your life. Sadly, disputes can halt trade or cause a breakdown in a relationship, so letting a disagreement fester without a resolution is not worthwhile.

No matter who your dispute is with, there are many options to handle a disagreement whilst retaining your business or personal relationship with the other party.

Dispute resolution options

Often disputes can be resolved without court involvement. Typically, the first step to resolve your personal or business dispute is to try an alternative dispute resolution method. 

Alternative dispute resolution methods

Before going to Court, try resolving your issue through negotiation or with assistance from a third-party mediator. There are various alternative dispute resolution methods you can try:

  • Negotiation involves both parties resolving their disagreement between themselves.
  • Conciliatory processes involve both parties finding a solution that works for everyone whilst potentially restoring the relationship with the help of an independent mediator. 
  • Mediation engages a neutral third party to assist the parties to achieve a satisfactory outcome. 

Engaging third-party mediator for dispute resolution

Entering into alternative dispute resolution methods usually involves adding an impartial, independent person to mediate the disagreement. The mediators’ role is not to persuade one side or another. Instead, they listen to both sides of the conflict, searching for common ground to reach a satisfactory decision for all involved. 

Dispute resolution benefit

Alternative dispute resolution methods can save you time and money. However, sometimes parties reach an impasse, and the dispute must go to Court to achieve an outcome. 

Litigation: going to Court to settle a dispute

Sometimes mediation and negotiations do not end with a satisfactory outcome to one or both parties involved. When this occurs, litigation becomes the next logical step to resolve the dispute. Litigation is when a judge or jury settles your dispute. A formalised process, litigation can be expensive, emotional and may not result in a satisfactory outcome for all. 

Dispute resolution and litigation services in Geelong

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