As a business owner, you need the right advice and the right people behind you to ensure the success of your business. One professional, small business owners tend to overlook engaging with is a business lawyer. 

Business lawyers have the legal expertise and knowledge to protect you and your business. There are many legal issues that small businesses come across that a business lawyer can help you deal with:

Business structures 

Before starting a business, you must make important legal decisions like choosing a business structure. Your business structure affects your taxes and liabilities, how you operate, and how you protect your assets. So, understanding Victoria’s business structures are crucial to choosing the right one for your business. 

Leasing or purchasing commercial properties

Moving or starting your business in a bricks & mortar location requires legal paperwork. Whether you enter a commercial lease agreement or purchase a commercial property, you should negotiate the terms. Furthermore, if you are looking to redevelop the property, you must understand the terms of the commercial lease as they may impact the commercial viability of the property.

Business contracts 

Without a doubt, setting up a business involves many legal contracts. Shareholder agreements, terms of trade, license agreements and even loan agreements all need to be drafted or reviewed to ensure your company’s best interests are maintained. 

Whyte, Just & Moore’s business lawyers can prepare all your legal documentation for accurate and legally binding agreements. Plus, business lawyers review agreements and offer legal advice to ensure your contract terms and conditions are fair. 

Business disputes

Finally, a business lawyer can assist in the unfortunate event of a business dispute. Thankfully, alternative resolution methods solve many disputes outside of court. But when court involvement is required, the team at Whyte, Just & Moore has the litigation experience to handle your dispute in court. And, no need to meet with a new lawyer to settle your dispute. Will Punivalu is not only our Principal; he’s a business lawyer and an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation 

Geelong business lawyers 

WJM’s business law team has a proven track record for helping businesses across Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast for over 140 years. With legal expertise in a wide variety of industries, our experienced business lawyers can assist local Victorian businesses with their everyday legal needs. 

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