Property settlements after a separation

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Whether you are married or de facto, you may find yourself dealing with property settlements if you separate. How do you split property after separation? There is no mathematical formula for dividing property between parties. Every relationship situation is unique, so property settlement splits reflect this.  There are four common steps to working out a [...]

Separated families: Parenting arrangements for holidays

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For a separated family, Christmas and summer holidays can be stressful. Determining the parenting arrangements for holidays can feel like you are under siege. Whether you are on amicable terms or not, arranging where your children will spend holidays should be done well in advance.    Considerations for Christmas parenting arrangement negotiations It might sound simple but [...]

5 reasons to hire a property lawyer for your property transaction in Victoria

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Buying and selling property is more than just signing on the dotted line. Title documentation, zoning certificates, property appraisals, and more are all part of the purchasing process. Although you can handle your real estate paperwork yourself, it can be risky unless you understand legal jargon. Involving a property lawyer for your transaction can have a number [...]

Dispute Resolution options explained

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Whether in business or your personal life, chances are you have disagreed with someone at some point in your life. Sadly, disputes can halt trade or cause a breakdown in a relationship, so letting a disagreement fester without a resolution is not worthwhile. No matter who your dispute is with, there are many options to [...]

Parenting Plans versus Parenting Orders: Which one is right for your family?

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Without a doubt, everyone wants the best for their children. However, parents often have conflicting views regarding which type of arrangement is best for their children when undergoing a separation or divorce.  Parental rights in Victoria According to the Australian Family Law Act 1975, each parent has parental responsibility to care for their children and [...]

Choosing an executor for your will

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As part of your will, you can choose an executor to deal with your estate upon your death. The role of an executor is to carry out the wishes of the deceased individual as specified in their will. Executor’s duties  The activities an executor can be called upon to do can include but are not [...]

Three key factors to consider when entering into a commercial contract

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Buying a commercial property, such as an office building, restaurant or warehouse, involves complex contracts. It is imperative you get an experienced property lawyer in Geelong to review your commercial contracts to ensure your interests are protected before you sign. Read on to learn three important factors to consider when entering into a commercial contract [...]

Preparing for your first meeting with your family lawyer

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A relationship breakdown is complex. Add children, property and upset partners to the mix, and the  Family Court system and the process can be overwhelming to navigate. Role of family lawyers  Speaking to a family lawyer can be helpful when making decisions after a relationship breakdown. Engaging the services of a family lawyer in Geelong [...]

Business structures: types & choosing the right business structure for you

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Choosing a business structure is essential when you start a business. Your business structure will affect your legal obligations, taxes and liabilities, as well as how you operate, so it is crucial to choose the right one for your business.    Understanding Victoria’s four types of business structures and their advantages and disadvantages is key [...]

Shareholder Agreements: Why you need them & what they do for your business

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A shareholders’ agreement governs the relationship between the owners or shareholders of the company.  The agreement deals with the funding, management, structure and direction of the company.  In it, the shareholders agree on how they will deal with any issues or disputes which may arise during the life of the company.  For this reason, it [...]

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