A good business lawyer can play a pivotal role in your business. Beyond tackling legal issues, a business lawyer can play a pivotal role in establishing your business structure, crafting contracts or terms & conditions, navigating commercial leases, and even facilitating a business sale. If you are wondering when you should engage the services of an experienced local lawyer read on. 

Business Structures & Ownership 

One of the first challenges you may face when setting up a business is choosing the right business structure. Thankfully a business lawyer at Whyte Just & Moore can help. If you are an entrepreneur, you may not need help structuring but if you bring on a new partner or investor, you will. When adding people to the ownership of the business you may need things like a shareholder’s agreement to outline everyone’s role, dispute resolution options and more.  

Drafting Contracts 

When you open a business, even as a sole-trader, you will need to include Terms & Conditions (or T’s and C’s as they are sometimes called) to your contracts. Making sure your T’s and C’s are appropriate for your business, and even for that specific transaction is a good idea. Using a business lawyer can help you negotiate larger more long-term contracts making sure your interests are top of mind. 

Commercial Leases 

While a business lawyer’s expertise may not lend itself to property, using a legal firm for your business means you can engage the services of their property lawyers to assist. A property lawyer will ensure the commercial lease you enter works for you. And if you need to, a good property lawyer will help you sell your business. At Whyte Just and Moore we have experienced legal teams in both business and property law. 

Geelong Business Lawyers  

Engaging a business lawyer is a strategic investment in securing smooth operations and safeguarding your business from possible harm. With the help of their expertise, you can focus on your business growth and success.

If you need assistance with drafting contracts, business negotiations, or property investment, give us a call at Whyte Just & Moore. Our team of experienced business lawyers understands the complexities of running a business and can provide professional advice and guidance on legal matters that may arise within your business.