Business Succession Plans – Do You Need One?

By |2023-06-16T05:26:48+00:00June 27th, 2023|Business Law|

When it comes to sorting out a plan with an Estate lawyer in Geelong, most people often overlook including a business succession plan. People often believe that their business will automatically pass on to their family or executors of the estate in the event of their death or loss of agency. However, transferring a business's [...]

Three key factors to consider when entering into a commercial contract

By |2021-09-30T07:28:23+00:00October 17th, 2021|Publications|

Buying a commercial property, such as an office building, restaurant or warehouse, involves complex contracts. It is imperative you get an experienced property lawyer in Geelong to review your commercial contracts to ensure your interests are protected before you sign. Read on to learn three important factors to consider when entering into a commercial contract [...]

Business structures: types & choosing the right business structure for you

By |2021-09-07T00:49:14+00:00September 19th, 2021|Publications|

Choosing a business structure is essential when you start a business. Your business structure will affect your legal obligations, taxes and liabilities, as well as how you operate, so it is crucial to choose the right one for your business.    Understanding Victoria’s four types of business structures and their advantages and disadvantages is key [...]

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