Burning the midnight oil (or listening to them) while reading legal documents is not for everyone. We thought we would impart some common legal tips that we believe should be adhered to.


Never sign anything without getting a copy

Or not have a lawyer review the contract, for that matter! Before signing any contract, make sure you read the entire thing. If there is legal jargon in the contract that you do not understand, have our experienced Geelong lawyers review it. Those confusing provisions often have serious and unexpected consequences if not adhered to.


Mitigate unforeseen legal risks to your business or personal affairs by understanding contracts before you sign them and always get a copy of anything you sign, even if you have to take photos with your phone.


If you need legal advice or counsel about a contract, no matter the content, contact our Geelong based Business Law team at Whyte Just & Moore.


Get all agreements in writing

Reneging on a verbal agreement is common and easy. If you make a verbal agreement that you want the other party to keep, you should get it in writing, so they adhere to their side of the bargain.


Ensure your contracts are accurate and legally binding using our experienced Geelong lawyers to draft tailor-made agreements for your business or review current business contracts, including shareholder agreements, license agreements, loan agreements and terms of trade.


Think before you speak (or remain silent!)

Sometimes when emotions are running high, we say something in frustration or lash out at the other person, business contact or tenant, causing them to lash back.

Unfortunately, arguments can spiral into a dispute in no time flat. If you find yourself in the middle of a dispute that has reached a stalemate, or you could benefit from third-party intervention, reach out to the best dispute lawyers at Whyte, Just & Moore.


Resolve disputes through various methods like mediation. If the conflict goes to court on the off chance, the Whyte Just & Moore’s dispute lawyers in Geelong are experienced in all court jurisdictions.


Seek legal advice from Geelong’s best lawyers

If you find yourself in a bind, contact the best lawyers in Geelong, Whyte Just & Moore, for a no-obligation discussion about your issue or concern. With a wealth of experience obtaining the best outcome for our clients, we will advise you of your legal options, discuss possibilities for steps forward and handle any dispute matters you may encounter.


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