Personal Assistant

Working on the assumption that Life’s too Short!, Nancy throws herself fully into everything she does – a trait her colleagues have thoroughly appreciated since she started work at WJM in January 2021 as a Personal Assistant. Although new to the company, Nancy is not a newbie in the legal profession, with 20 years in the industry under her belt. Assisting with Family Law cases – an oftimes demanding area – Nancy’s determination, professionalism and approachable nature have seen her acting for clients and the firm with commitment and integrity.

Although her upbeat personality doesn’t necessarily lead her to singing the blues, Nancy definitely appreciates listening to them – and to live music of all kinds. She would love to spend time in America’s Deep South – discovering new musical narratives – but would be just as happy encountering new cultures and lifestyles around the world. At home, with music in the background, Nancy gets a kick out of keeping her garden in tip-top shape and deciding how best to display her thrift-shop antique finds.