Separated or contemplating a divorce? You may be wondering what your rights and responsibilities for child support are.

According to Australian law, all parents must make a financial contribution to support their children. So whether you were married, de facto, or never lived together, each parent is obligated to make sure their children are financially supported, even if they live with a non-parent carer or legal guardian. 

How much child support do you get?

Australian law ensures the interests and wellbeing of the child are met whilst balancing the capacity of the parents to provide for their child. Child support arrangements depend on various circumstances and contributions such as:

  • Income and assets of each parent
  • How much time each parent or legal guardian cares for the child(ren)
  • Typical costs of raising a child in Australia (Figures are assessed yearly to keep up with increasing prices and incomes)

Multiple children and blended family structures may change the agreement. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what options are available before finalising an agreement. 

Types of arrangements:

  • Child support assessment 
  • Self-managed child support agreement

Child support assessment

Services Australia oversees child support assessments in Victoria. They use a set formula legislated by Australian law to determine the payment amount and frequency. Services Australia also manages the collection and distribution of the payment to the child(ren)’s caregiver(s). 

Self-managed agreements

Self-managed support agreements are great for parents who agree on a plan. This agreement allows the parents to determine the amount and timing of payments. 

You can choose periodic payments (regular set amounts) or payments for certain expenses such as school fees and private health insurance. Therefore, obtain legal advice before signing to ensure the agreement is equitable for all parties involved. 

Family lawyers in Geelong

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