A relationship breakdown is complex. Add children, property and upset partners to the mix, and the  Family Court system and the process can be overwhelming to navigate.

Role of family lawyers 

Speaking to a family lawyer can be helpful when making decisions after a relationship breakdown. Engaging the services of a family lawyer in Geelong informs you of your legal rights should there be a dispute about the care of children or the division of property at the end of your relationship. 

Tips to maximise your time with your family lawyer

Seeing a family lawyer for the first time can be daunting. Take control of the situation by compiling important information about your relationship, children, and assets ahead of time. Being prepared allows your family lawyer to better assess the legal standpoint of your unique situation. Focus on six key areas of information:

1/ Family history – include important dates like the day you began living with your partner, date of your marriage (if applicable), the date you separated, details about your children (names, dates of birth).

2/ Income and employment details – during your period together, outline the employment history of yourself and your partner, including times of unemployment. You will also be required to provide details as to the current working arrangements of yourself and your partner, and the income that you both receive.  

3/ Assets – write up a joint and individually owned assets list which may include:

  • Any properties or vehicles you have
  • Bank accounts
  • Investments and stocks
  • Superannuation and life insurance policies
  • Credit cards or bank loans
  • Business finances (if you or your partner have an interest in one)

4/ Financial contributions – Prepare a list of the assets and liabilities (including superannuation) that you and your partner each held at the time you first started living together, with estimates of their values at the time. You will also be required to provide details of any inheritances or significant gifts that you and your partner received from family or friends during the period of the relationship.    

5/ Expenditures – draft a list of personal and children-related expenses such as school fees, extra-curricular activities, uninsured medical or dental expenses that you pay over a typical year. 

6/ Legal agreements – if you have any legal agreements in place such as court orders, divorce orders, financial agreements or parenting plans, bring these documents along. 

Dealing with property settlements, parenting arrangements, and  financial support issues can be upsetting. Compiling essential information ahead of your appointment with your Geelong family lawyer will help you feel prepared to discuss steps forward to a desirable outcome for you. 

Locate an experienced family lawyer in Geelong

It is important to remember that anything to discuss with your family lawyer is confidential. In addition, the best family lawyers are compassionate and caring about your situation. 

As local family lawyers based in Geelong, the Whyte, Just & Moore family law team offer a range of family law services to help our clients navigate the pathway forward from a separation or divorce. We are there with you every step of the way, solving your family law problems whilst keeping your legal fees manageable and avoiding court if possible. 

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